Vis Is The Future

Vis Divide and Vis Tape aren't just another line of products - they're game changing innovations that are raising productivity and improving the bottom line.  Big time.

Vis™ Divide is a segmented HDPE rigid conduit that provides dedicated pathways for the placement of more than one cable using a fabric divider molded directly into the conduit. This innovative product is installed like a standard HDPE conduit but expands capacity, increases infrastructure efficiency and eases future network expansion.

3-cell Vis Divide is now available, adding to the design flexibility options with Vis Divide. To learn more about Vis Divide, click here or here to view a case study.


Vis Tape is a powerful new pull tape that offers unmatched levels of accuracy, legibility, softness and durability.


Vis Divide was honored to receive the 2017 Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award at a recent trade show.  Read more here.

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