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Vis™ pull tape with Mprint™ technology improves productivity and reduces total cost by eliminating rework and scrap.  Our unique Mprint process increases print durability and ensures print length accuracy while our production process ensures a softer feel.


This is no time for guesswork. You need to know with certainty what the numbers are on your pull tape. Any confusion could cost you – big time. Vis Tape’s unique MPrint™ process assures extraordinary print legibility and durability – every inch of the way. So, you’ll never be guessing – or even squinting.

Print Length Accuracy

You’re not looking for kind of close – you need as exact as you can get.  Vis Tape has taken Print Length Accuracy to a new paradigm with prepping, printing, and calibration of the encoder and default settings. The result – industry-99% accuracy that you can count on. Every time.


It’s a new age in pull tape. No longer does Print Legibility require a super-stiff and unmanageable tape that’s brutal on your hands and impossible to knot. Vis Tape’s industry-changing manufacturing process means you get the legibility you need - with the Softness you want.  Softer tape means easier knotting and less rework.

Specialty Tapes

VTID is Vis Tape with a colored thread for easy identification.  When pulling cable into multiple cells, VTID allows you to quickly identify the correct cell.  Available in orange and blue colors in 1250 lb tape.

VTDET is Vis Tape with a traceable thread for locating easily.


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