Vis Divide Segmented Conduit UI 2
Vis Divide Segmented Conduit UI 1

Iowa City, IA
Vis™ Divide: Trenching

Application: Trenching
Project Date: August, 2016
Project Overview

The University of Iowa needed to improve service in its medical building.  To accomplish this, they had to run cables from the nearest maintenance hole to the building.  Vis™ Divide segmented conduit was chosen for the job because of the increased capacity it offers.  The university chose to use trenching for placing the conduit due to the direction and ground contours.  In this install, nine 2" 2-cell conduits were placed in a 4 foot trench that ran 170 feet.


The job was a success. One 288 strand fiber was pulled into each of the nine conduits, leaving nine open channels for future expansion. The cable pull was very simple and done by hand in each conduit.


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