Vis Divide Segmented Conduit Gonzales TX

Gonzales, TX
Vis™ Divide: Horizontal Direction Drilling, Double Pull

Application: Directional Drilling
Project Date: April, 2016
Project Overview

When GVTC in Gonzales, TX needed to pull fiber to a new construction site, they chose Vis™ Divide segmented conduit for the job.  The fiber needed to cross a 4-lane highway with a wide grass median and drainage ditch. The job specified that two 12 strand cables be pulled, so the decision was made to pull two 1.5" 2-cell Vis Divide conduits into the bore. 


The Vis Divide placement and cable pull went very well even with multiple bends in the conduit.  Both the client and the contractor were very pleased with the installation process.  Since Vis Divide maximizes conduit capacity, the client now has an additional dedicated pathway for future expansion.


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