December 14, 2015
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Posted by: Lee Bedingfield 5 minute read

Boy it sure seems like we test a lot.  Each country around the world defines their standards in different ways and also has different controlling bodies.  For most standards applicable to MaxCell we use Bellcore and ASTM which are both U.S. entities (for the most part).  The standards that these two organizations have developed over the years are sometimes used by other countries to lay the groundwork of their standards.  Sometimes upon request we specifically test to a particular countries standards but to test all components to each of these countries standards would require a full time staff doing nothing but certifications. 

So why do I bring up Bellcore and ASTM?  It’s because I’m often answering the question of who these entities are and why we use them.  Let’s take Bellcore first.  To do this we have go back to the year of “E.T. Phone Home” or 1982 (did you get the telecom pun?).  In 1982, the antitrust ruling came down that AT&T had to divest into regional bell operating companies.  A little piece of trivia is the original lawsuit was filed all the way back in 1949.  AT&T retained Bell labs but in 1983 the company Telcordia was formed as a different entity for R&D and standards.  Telcordia was recognized as the central go to body for GN (generic requirements) many of which retained the Bellcore title.  They are recognized by anyone dealing in the U.S. and many international telecom groups. 

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is the leader in standards development for everything from toy safety to plastics and fabric quality.  Technically the entity is known as ASTM International because they are recognized by many countries and they are cross referenced under many government standards.  ASTM International has no role in requiring or enforcing compliance with its standards but many contracts and specifications list the ASTM standard. 

These two are the main bodies that we use to reference a standard and test.  For additional testing information, please contact us.

Have a great week and 11 shopping days left before Christmas.11 shopping days left before Christmas.11 shopping days left before Christmas.


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